Data Encryption

Privacy DB

PrivacyDB is a hybrid DB encryption solution that mixes API and Plug-in methods.
By encrypting and protecting important data in the database (DB), it guarantees data confidentiality even in the event of information leakage, the first in the domestic DB encryption industry to satisfy domestic/overseas legal compliance and high-performance security measures at the same time.

Features of PrivacyDB

  • Compliance and performance assurance
    • Compliance with various laws and regulations on personal information
    • Encrypt large data with high performance and
      ensure performance degradation
    • Domestic/overseas CC certification,
      GS certification and patent
  • Ensuring strong encryption
    • Supports all domestic/overseas encryption algorithms (ARIA,SEED,DES,RSA 등)
    • Strong encryption tool/key management module guarantees Vulnerability Multiple Security
    • Minimize and optimize the gap between
      AS-IS and TO-BE
  • Replication / load balancing support
    • System construction through RAC replication configuration
    • High availability through load balancing by using thread-based modules
    • Service continuity support in case of server failure
  • Ensures excellent compatibility and scalability
    • With more than 10 years of professional construction experience, manpower composition, and dedicated manpower assignment, We have the best and stable service support system.
    • Optimized for different models and environments, ensuring data integrity, availability, and compatibility

PrivacyDB configuration

PrivacyDB configuration

Specialized technology of PrivacyDB

  • GUI-based powerful encryption/decryption tool that has optimal performance
    and execution capability
  • Easy to apply and optimize

    It is easy to be compatible and expandable with other products.
    (Easy for next-generation and main computer replacement business)

    AS-IS,TO-BE Query the same result
  • Applying Owl Systems' patented technology
    1. 1. Database security method that encrypt with different values, ciphertexts, with the same plaintext data. (10-2013-0076513)
    2. 2. Database data re-store method (10-2013-008204)
    3. 3. Security method and device for numeric data in database (10-2013-0076512)

Expected Effects of PrivacyDB

Securing customer reliability by satisfying relevant laws and regulations
  • Satisfying legal requirements
    and regulations

    Prevention of legal disputes by complying with relevant laws such as the Personal Information Protection Act and the Information and Communication Network Act

  • Proven strong security function
    1. 1) Encryption function using NIS verified
      encryption module
    2. 2) Registered the list of nationally designated encryptedproducts (National Cyber Safety Center)
    3. 3) GS certification and own patent/domestic commercial DBMS mutual linkage certification
    4. 4) Prevent unauthorized users from accessing DB through DB access control
  • Prevents leakage of important information
    with secure key management

    1) Response to infrastructure needs by separating logical/physical key management
    2) Provides strong access control and
    audit log for keys

  • Securing service and business continuity

    Ensuring business continuity and securing internal/external reliability by providing stable encryption services

Satisfaction with Article 7 (Encryption of Personal Information) of "Standards of Measures to Ensure Safety of Personal Information"
① Unique identification information (resident number, passport number, driver's license number, foreigner registration number) password, bio-information transmitted and received through the information and communications network, transmitted to secondary storage medium and encrypted

Representative case of building PrivacyDB

Representative case of building PrivacyDB