Organization Chart

The CEO at the bottom of the organizational chart supports the members of the organization, and the support department believes that the organizational system that supports each department on the field, which is the backbone of the organization, is the most desirable organizational system that "Customers + Partners + Members" can satisfy.

Members of OWL First, it is an organization with passion and ambition
Second, it is an organization that is not afraid of challenges and failures,
Third, because it aims for a horizontal organization rather than a vertical organization,

“Customers + Partners + Members”, the top organization of OWL, believes that having fun and satisfaction with the work is the greatest virtue, and I think that trust, respect and love among members are the foundation of the organization rather than individual outstanding skills.

고객 + 파트너
  • 대표이사
    • 경영관리본부(인사/총무/회계)
    • 사업기획본부(기획/마케팅)
    • 부설정보기술연구소
      • 제품기획팀
      • 제품디자인팀
      • 제품개발팀
    • 사업관리본부(고객지원)
      • DB암호화팀
      • DB성능관리팀
      • DB컨설팅팀
      • 품질관리팀
    • 영업본부
      • 금융영업팀
      • 정보공공영업팀
      • 기업영업팀
      • 채널영업팀