We make Security

With the only goal of protecting customer
information, w e have been silently walking a path
of DB security.


The moment we lose
customer information,
we also lose our customers.

All about responding to Personal Information
Protection Act and protection corporate information

難 攻 不 落
Building a DB encryption system

“If you don’t care about your customer’s information,
your customer’s interest also disappears.”


Concept : The “P” representing the encryption key and the surrounding “diamond shape” represent an impregnable fortress or a strong firewall like a spider web.

Security is air!

When security is lacking, it desperately feels precious.
Owl Systems will be with you to protect your precious valus and to allow everyone to live freely in a safe internet world.

OWL Systems is a software company
based on database security

  • Verified encryption solution
    equipped with the NIS verified
    encryption library
  • SaaS/PaaS/IaaS cloud optimization
    support of structured/unstructured data
    encryption method
  • Optimization support service
    that supports advancement and
    next-generation winback
We are the database encryption Avengers!


PrivacyDB is an essential DB encryption solution for responding to the Personal Information Protection Act.
It is a product of the first generation DB encryption company that
satisfies both domestic/overseas legal compliance (CC certification)
and high-performance security measures for the first time
in the domestic DB encryption industry

  • Compliance and
    performance guarantee
  • Ensuring powerful
  • Redundancy/Load
    Balancing Support
  • Ensures excellent
    compatibility and

PrivacyDB for MND

As a standard encryption product of Defense Integrated Data Center (DIDC),
it is applied as a standard product to the project to replace old equipment and
system transfer every year and is being managed in an integrated manner.
Through accurate and prompt service, Communication with the business department is smooth,
Optimized for Win Back

  • Optimize unified
    management by unifying
    resource management
  • Ensure the confidentiality/
    Compatibility of data in
    the systematic system
  • Integrated management
    and enhanced security
    through security policy
    and key management
    for each system

KeyGuard HSM-D

Safely generate/save/store/deploy/back up various types of encryption keys where generated from
external/internal using the NIS Cryptographic Module Validation Program(KCMVP),
It is an appliance server all-in-one key isolation storage device developed with pure domestic technology
that encrypts the stored key when using the key and provides it to the business server

  • Various deployment of
    generated keys according
    to the type of business
  • Client authentication and
    Key Life Cycle management
  • Management of history
    information of each
    encryption key
  • Automatic key
    management function
    and control by scheduler

KeyGuard Titan-Cy

KeyGuard Titan-Cy is a domestic pure DB encryption technology,
and is an appliance equipment dedicated to encryption processing for
structured data encryption services such as biometric authentication encryption

  • Provides physical/logical
    mechanism for secure key
  • Guaranteed service stability
    as a pure domestic
  • High-speed encryption
    service using encryption
    acceleration engine
  • Applying the NIS
    authentication certified
    encryption module,
    safely storing the key
    in the encryption key
    storage engine

KeyGuard Titan-Dc

KeyGaurdTitan-Dc is an appliance equipment dedicated to unstructured data encryption service
for encryption/decryption services of unstructured big size data such as
electronic documents, CCTV video, call center recording
and medical image encryption

  • A function that accelerates
    the compression and
    encryption of Big Size Data
    at the same time at
    high speed
  • Large capacity
    unstructured compression
    encryption function
  • Securely store encryption
    keys using an encryption
    key storage engine
  • As a pure domestic
    technology, it guarantees
    service safety and
    provides encryption
    key management services